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Are you one of the 14 million people living in the New England area and want to make a career focused on serving your community? Becoming part of the EMS family can yield a job that fulfills you while providing for your families needs. At EMS PRO Expo, we are driven to contribute high-quality, valuable EMS training opportunities to keep all emergency medical technicians, paramedics and other EMS practitioners up to date on the latest life-saving methods and disaster preparedness techniques.

Getting an EMT Certification in New England

If you are looking into how to become an EMT, begin by checking out the EMT certification requirements of your state. Each state within the New England area has its own set of standards. If you are wanting a quicker more streamlined approach, seek out an EMT school program that will prepare you for national certification. This will allow you the freedom to take your career with you anywhere in the US.

Emergency medical technicians are the starting point for any career in the EMS world. With about 150 hours of EMT classes, averaging 16 weeks, you can begin your path to a satisfying job with plenty of opportunities to move up through further certification. When looking at EMT courses, you can choose from a variety of in-person, hands-on training scenarios or online EMT programs. After certification, you will be required to engage in continuing medical education (CME) courses, like those provided at EMS PRO Expo in Connecticut.

How to Become a Paramedic in New England

Already an EMT and wanting to move up in the EMS world? Consider taking paramedical courses to increase your income and take on leadership roles within your team. Becoming a paramedic usually takes 2-4 years based on your availability to take classes. Paramedic schools offer a range from an associate’s to bachelor’s degree depending on the trajectory of your final career choice.

If you are interested in a lifetime career as an EMS practitioner, slowly moving up the ranks can be a great way to transition from a boots-on-the-ground team member to eventually leading classes or trainings yourself. Getting paramedic training can take you to the next level as you serve your community.

EMS Training PRO tip:

If you are unsure about which school to attend or what career would best fit your needs come visit us at EMS PRO Expo and meet with a variety of schools in person. Check out the list below to get a taste of who is offering EMT and/or paramedic training in the New England area and will be at the convention at Mohegan Sun near Norwich, Connecticut:


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