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Schedule Grid

The 2023 EMS & FIRE PRO Class Session Schedule Grid is now available for download. 

Although the EMS & FIRE PRO App is the best way to plan your schedule, this is a handy one page glance at all the sessions we have to offer. Get a head start on planning your Expo experience by exploring our comprehensive schedule grid. This handy resource provides an overview of all the educational sessions, workshops, and activities taking place during the event.

Please keep in mind that the schedule is subject to change as we continue to refine and enhance your Expo experience. Be sure to check for updates regularly to ensure you don’t miss any valuable sessions.


Get ready to be amazed by the incredible session topics lined up for the EMS & FIRE PRO Expo! Our diverse range of sessions covers everything from advanced clinical and pediatric care to administration and leadership, fire pro, and operations. We’ve handpicked these topics to provide attendees with a well-rounded and enriching experience. Join us to dive deep into the latest trends, gain valuable insights, and enhance your skills in the ever-evolving world of EMS and Fire Services. Check out our awesome session line-up below!


  • A Modern Approach to Basic Airway Management
  • Approaching the Undifferentiated Shortness of Breath Patient
  • Better 12-Lead ECG Understanding: Vectors, Axis, and Fascicular Blocks
  • Deciphering Headache
  • Excited Delirium – a True Medical Emergency; Not a Crime
  • I’ll Pass on the Salt: The Potential Harm of IV Fluid
  • It’s Just Syncope: Identifying Life Threats in the Post-Syncope Patient
  • Ketamine, A Powerful Tool, Six Applications for EMS
  • Managing the Agitated Patient: Death in Custody & Safe Chemical Restraint Practices
  • Shock: The Rude Unhinging of the Machinery of Life
  • Stranger Things: Lethal ECG Patterns
  • The Life and Times of The POPE: A Field Guide To The Recognition And Treatment of Post Obstructive


  • “I’m old and confused and I don’t know why?”
  • A Bolt Out of the Blue
  • Drowning and Management of Submersion Injuries
  • Hip To Be Square: Hip and Pelvic Fractures
  • Hole-y Trauma Batman: Body Cavity Injuries
  • Keeping your head above water when your patient has drowned
  • Patients of Different Strokes – TIAs, CVAs, and LVOs. Not all strokes are the same
  • PEARLS in Treating the ETOH Patient
  • Shoot it, Smoke it, Snort it: EMS detection of drugs that impair
  • The ABC’s of Geriatrics: A Focus on Fundamentals to Prevent Cardiac Arrest
  • This, That or the Other Thing: Anxiety, MI or both?
  • Thoracic Trauma: The Emergent Truth
  • Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion in the Emergency Department


  • “EMS Simulation Construction” The keys to successful simulation.
  • “Rural EMS Education” The South-Central PA case study
  • Brilliant Students
  • Case Based Teaching: A Roadmap to Success
  • Catch Me If You Can
  • Culturally Responsive Classroom Management
  • Debriefing for real-world learning: It’s not just for simulations anymore
  • Leveraging Subject Matter Experts in EMS Initial Education Programs
  • Low Cost, No Cost Tech for the EMS Educator
  • Practice with principal: education tips for your next EMS class.
  • Scaffolding and Student Success
  • Test Is Not a Four Letter Word!
  • Why Failure Should Always Be an Option


  • Active Shooter: Assess, Prepare, Respond
  • An Extraordinary Mind: The Basics of Mental Illness
  • Bicycles, Bats, Balls & Trauma Calls in Local Ball Parks
  • Emergencies in Sports Neurology
  • Experiences from Poland and Ukraine
  • Extreme Gun Shot Wounds
  • Management of the Autistic Patient in the Pre-Hospital Setting
  • Often Wrong, never in doubt: When our brain works against us
  • Short Circuit: Seizures
  • Social Media Assisted Career Suicide
  • Stress and Women in First Responder Roles
  • That SMELL, the LOOK, now TREAT it!


  • Bizarre and Unusual Case Studies: You can’t make this stuff up!
  • Common Errors in Report Writing
  • Implicit Bias in EMS
  • In the Drink: Understanding Alcohol Use Disorder for EMS Providers
  • Inclusive Care: An Intro to LGBTQIA+ in EMS
  • Law Enforcement and EMS
  • Mechanical Metabolism: EMS and the future of Diabetic Care
  • Motor Vehicle Collisions “On the Highway & Back Roads”
  • Public Access Naloxone: saving lives or rewarding dangerous behavior?
  • What to do when the bleeding can’t stop
  • When edibles aren’t so tasty: The mythical truths about THC overdoses
  • When Puking Has a Poor Prognosis
  • When Ticks Attack: Complications of Lyme Disease


  • Dealing with death, mass fatalities, evidence preservation and documentation
  • Fireground Strategies: Suppression, Survivability and Stabilization
  • Flashover Life and Death Decisions on the Fireground
  • Insights on Rowhouse and Rowframe Fires: Construction Trends, Operations and
  • Best Practices
  • Racetrack Emergency Response for non Track Personnel
  • Six tips to guide the new fire officer
  • The Return of the Volunteer Command Post
  • Urban Forcible Entry


  • Aviation Emergencies for First Responders (2023 Updates)
  • Ben Franklin: His Lessons for the 21st Century Fire Service
  • Culture in the Firehouse
  • Death By Rescue: Managing Crush Injuries
  • Facilitating Incident Critiques
  • Fire Command from the POV of the Engine, Ladder and Rescue Boss
  • Fire Dynamics and the Fireground
  • Its Not Easy Being Small in the Fire /EMS Service
  • McMansions: Firefighting in large private dwellings
  • RAPID HazMat


  • Command of Special Operations – Not Holding the Hammer
  • Critical Decision Making Under Fire – FETC (5) Step Go / No Go Model
  • Fireground Operations on Main Street: Old School Hazards for Today’s Buildings and Risks for Company
  • First Due at the Collapse: Size-Up and Initial Priorities
  • Making Space Extrication
  • Preparing for the Commercial Fireground
  • The 5-Tool Firefighter: Five Key Attributes to a Well-Rounded Firefighter
  • The Successful Short Staffed Engine
  • Youth Firesetting- Still a Concern


    • Combating Negativity
    • Conquer your Stress, Go from Worrier to Warrior
    • Everyone Wants to Lead, But Where’s The Ladder?
    • Leadership and Personnel Development
    • Never Go Up Against a Sicilian When Death is on the Line: Leadership Lessons From the Princess Bride
    • Next-Gen EMS Leaders, where do we find them?
    • Overcoming Resistance to Change
    • Principles of Just Culture
    • Standing Behind your Team: How accountability transforms managers into leaders
    • Taking the Right STEPP Forward: Reducing Error by Improving Communication
    • The Complacency Cascade & How it’s Killing Your Agency
    • What the Heck Do Volunteers Really Want?
    • What we have here is a failure to communicate: Top Communications Tips from Great Leaders


        • 10 common EMS failures that occur at Concerts, Sporting Events and Mass Gatherings
        • An EMS Provider’s Guide to OPS Risks and Hazards on Today’s Fireground
        • Emergency Management for EMS
        • Emergency Preparedness in EMS
        • EMS Operations At Fire & Emergency Scenes
        • Illicit Labs Recognition for Fire & EMS
        • Integrating EMS Into Technical Rescue Incidents
        • Main Street MCI: Utilizing Small Town Resources During a Mass Casualty Event
        • Normalization of Deviance: How small changes can become big mistakes
        • Pandemics are a team sport – Understanding the vital role of EMS in public health emergencies
        • Prevent the Bleed: The Essential Role of EMS in School Violence Prevention
        • The Crossroads of EMS and Public Health
        • What is the Southern New England Long Term Care Mutual Aid Plans – How can they support First Responder


    • A “Mini” Stroke? When Pediatric Patients Experience CVA
    • Cardiac Arrest in Pregnancy
    • Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting: a Primer for the First Responder
    • Epiglottitis or Croup? A Case-based Approach in a Young Child
    • Little Tykes are not Little Adults!
    • Pediatric Burn Care
    • Pediatric Pain Management – Prehospital Recognition, Assessment, and Treatment
    • Pediatric Respiratory Emergencies: Asthma, Anaphylaxis and Foreign Bodies
    • Pediatric Triage
    • Prehospital Management of an Infant with Bronchiolitis: A Case-based Approach
    • Preparing for Peds: Building a Mindset that Fosters Technical and Cognitive Readiness
    • The Littles’: Caring for neonates in the 1 hour
    • When the Baby Turns Blue: Brief Resolved Unexplained Events


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