Differential Diagnosis in the Prehospital Setting

The presentation will discuss the concept of differential diagnosis and how it can be utilized in the prehospital setting while offering the assessment tools needed to support the differential diagnosis process.

Calming the Chaos: Tackling Tunnel Vision

In the heat of the moment, when the scene is seemingly out of control, every one of us are vulnerable to suffering a debilitating and dangerous condition that can directly impact not just patient care, but also our very own safety. That condition is commonly known as...

Just another drunk

This session is meant to alarm and motivate.  It reviews common medical problems associated with alcohol abuse and incorporates differential diagnosis of common medical complaints that can mimic intoxication.

Water Safety For The First Responder

This will focus on the response and actions of the first responders at a scene involving water. Awareness to hazards in and around the water will be discussed. Operations aboard a vessel, assisting at dive operations and ice rescues will also be covered. Photos and...

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