Notably being Diagnosed With at the time “hyper activity” now known as ADD/ADHD medicated and treated as a child, I have since understood the tool that I had been given. Connecting with others that never saw this as a handicap I then Gravitated to EMS and that DX has benefited me as I see that it fits the model of our business. The on and off with periods of hyper focus can make individuals with this DX great assets. I have created and spoke on this topic from prehospital, FD, PD , industrial and notably to recovering poly substance individuals and how it relates. The relation to ADD/ADHD to many of the brains bans is central to much of what we do and are key in PTSD finding and recovery. Started at Stratford EMS and Ace ambulance in Fairfield 1992, 2nd class from the JHPC class at Bridgeport Hospital. working in and around Fairfield county, landed in Bridgeport CT. This gave me great growth with inner city experience. A land mark was set doing the quad drowning of July 4th at Beardsley/ Bunnell pond. This tragic event sent me on a different path that has so many facets. I began work at Stratford EMS as a full-time medic. This had previously been a goal of mine to go back home to where I started. This was a union position that I quickly learned had very limited growth. I found that they had a need for an honor guard and was able to gather support and be sent to the National Honor Guard Academy and am a Graduate of the Class known as “the jury”. I took this new endeavor to create a well known Honor Guard and CDU (Ceremonial detail unit) But expanded on topics that were not touched in this area before. I was lucky to have a great team that helped me create our own teaching academy and fabricate new products such as honors created for dispatchers now having a ceremony based around them. Despite my continued efforts my attempts at forwarding my self at Stratford were limited and I was able to move forward as a operational supervisor at an old friend , Bridgeport AMR. My learning curve was significant and in multi focal directions. I have been able to expand into deeper realms of learning and teaching with seemingly infinite directions. Support and empowerment to reach into teaching, metrics , mental health and a great look into leadership culture. Outside of work I am a lucky husband and a blessed father. Our 1/2 acre homestead is as diverse as we are and we enjoy vast hobbies that Include self reliance, gardening, landscaping, construction, welding and fabricating as well as keeping chickens and Bees. I am a published hive builder and have contributed to multiple books on bee keeping, hive building and top bar hive management. I am an avid outdoorsman with a passion for hunting ,fishing, camping and kayaking in the model of traditional Inuit skin on frame kayaks that I enjoy building. Included in the outdoor activities we regularly enjoy archery and ax throwing, to which we have ranges detailed for each. I am notably a diverse character that enjoys everything this world will offer, and there is nothing better than to share that knowledge.

EMS PRO EXPO – October  28 – 30, 2021

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