Darryl Conway

Darryl Conway


Darryl Conway serves as the Senior Associate Athletic Director and Chief Health & Welfare Officer for University of Michigan Athletics. In that role, he oversees Athletic Medicine, Performance Science, Performance Nutrition, Olympic Strength and Conditioning, and Equipment Operations personnel, as well as serving as a liaison to the Athletic Counseling Team & Team Physicians from Michigan Medicine and the University of Michigan University Health Services, and serving as the Chief Infection Officer for the Athletic Department. Darryl’s professional interests lie in the fields of Emergency Planning, Catastrophic and Crisis Response; Athletics Risk Management; Advanced Wound Care; Opioid Overdose Management; Exertional Heat Injury Management, and On‐Field Management of Cervical Spine Injuries; and he is a frequent presenter at regional and national meetings on these topics. Darryl was a contributing author of the “Best Practices and Current Care Concepts in Prehospital Care of the Spine‐Injured Athlete in American Tackle Football” and “Consensus Recommendations on the Prehospital Care of the Injured Athlete with a Suspected Cervical Spine Injury”.

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