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Eric Sweden

Eric Sweden


Eric began his EMS and Law Enforcement career in Connecticut. He worked as an EMT, Paramedic and Supervisor both paid and volunteer as well as a police officer. He is currently a Lieutenant with the City of Raleigh, NC Police Department and maintains his Paramedic credentials in Wake County, NC. Eric is an IACP Drug Recognition Expert Instructor and verbal de-escalation instructor. He has taught police officers from across the U.S. in verbal de-escalation techniques as well as having conducted training for all of Wake County EMS in Raleigh NC. Eric also teaches police officers and EMS professionals on recognizing drugs of abuse using a drug symptomology matrix to include both clinical and general indicators of impairment. 

Eric regularly teaches for the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys and has conducted training in VA, SC, AL, WV, MI, LA and TX. Eric has been tendered in the North Carolina Courts as an Expert Witness in Drug Impairment as well as Collision Reconstruction.

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