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David Brenner

David Brenner


David Brenner has been providing 911 advanced life support as a member of the Holbrook Fire Department since 1979. He continues to provide active service and leadership as the ex-Captain of the medical company. Mr. Brenner has provided instruction in EMS since 1981 teaching EMT, EMT-Critical Care, and Paramedic classes. Mr. Brenner also served as a member and chair of the Suffolk Regional Emergency Medical Services Council charged with oversight and guidance for the region.

While passionate about many areas in the EMS field he is particularly excited about 12-Lead ECG, Psychological Trauma Prevention, Hypothermia, Drowning, Sepsis, Syncope, and, believe it or not, Medical Mathematics. Mr. Brenner is able to integrate his many years of experience as a professional educator into his presentations to create exciting, interactive, vivid and often humorous classes.

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