Becoming an EMT/Paramedic - What do I do Next?

Have you decided to join the ranks of the EMS world? Going through the EMT certification process can be a short and easy way to get into a life-enriching career with many options to move up. With continuing education being a large focus of your career, EMS PRO Expo has set up an accessible way for you to keep learning, specializing and fine-tuning your skills. We are here to provide you with information to have the success you need to thrive in this amazing field.

How to become an EMT

Instead of focusing on “How long does it take to become an EMT?” which the answer to that is roughly 16 weeks, it is better to realize that an EMT career begins with certification, but learning doesn’t end there. EMT education requirements are an ongoing process of continuing medical education (CME) courses being a cornerstone of your career. This can be done online, at community colleges by taking summer EMT classes or at conventions like EMS PRO Expo, where certified CME credits are provided.

PRO tip: Steps on how to become an emergency medical technician

  1. Research your state certification EMT education requirements
  2. Choose an online or local community college or university and sign up for EMT basic training
  3. Complete the required hours, typically around 150
  4. Take the national or state exams*

*PRO tip: national certification allows you to move anywhere in the country since EMT education and training requirements vary from state to state

How to become a Paramedic

Now that you are on the path to becoming a certified emergency medical technician, or have recently completed your EMT requirements, advancing your career as a paramedic can improve your income along with opening up further job opportunities in the EMS world. When asking “How long does it take to become a paramedic”, the answer can vary widely based on your time availability and career goals.

Some choose to get their paramedic associate’s degree, while others might shoot for a bachelor’s degree to get a final career position as a clinical supervisor or paramedic training manager. Your career goals and choices will influence how many years it takes you to become a paramedic. The average is typically 2-4 years, and depending on where you live can almost double your income.

Although more rigorous, obtaining the position of a paramedic allows you to perform advanced life support (ALS) and become the lead member of your rescue team. If you excel in leadership roles and find yourself thriving in crisis situations, this might the perfect job for you. If you are unsure, attend an EMS convention like EMS PRO Expo and meet with career veterans to network and see if becoming a paramedic is good for you. Join the team and come see us at Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, where we can help you be the best emergency medical technician you can.


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